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  • 03/7/96 – 25/12/99 1996 – 1999
    The LIFEERUPTION [ from hitmen and hired snipers to crisscrossing deep space: how creative people nurture ideas and
    how Creators differ from plagiarists

    I.J.Barbe, 2000 On a cold winter in 1996 one 32-year-old Moscow-based artist and theater, TV, and film director, who four months ago single-handedly masterminded and executed the entire victorious second round of Boris Yeltsin’s July presidential campaign, was desperately hiding from hitmen and snipers… Powerful clients, rewarded over those four months with oil companies, TV channels, honors, Kremlin seats, and big money, wouldn’t tell the reelected President that all those victorious second-round creations that were aired on all the country’s TV channels over 3,000 times and beefed up the turnout by more than 20% (unlike the first round campaign which failed to bring the victory promised by a multinational team of hundreds of experts!), were crafted in just seven days and paid for by a solitary artist and his personal assistants, using his own solutions and facilities. On top of that, all the biggest players already ran out of steam while working on the first-round production and now had practically lost heart… The Chief Producer of one of the biggest TV channels, for example, simply refused to join forces with the Artist and appointed him Chief Producer of the Project in front of a big meeting. But he never remembered this when receiving his reward… Now, how can one live in a world like this?! And what can one teach one’s children in such a world?! The surprise victory made it clear that hatred, jealousy, and willingness to conceal the truth in order to get as much as possible from the President at any cost, even if undeserved, were the driving forces behind the people padding the space between the Artist who authored the victorious creations and the President’s inner circle of oligarchs who then managed air time and made the decision to show the stunningly victorious videos on all the country’s channels regardless of the allocated number of broadcasts. The oligarchs’ staff wouldn’t even thank the Artist, whereas the oligarchs themselves became unavailable as soon as their President won the elections. Nobody wanted to share their medals and certificates... Instead, those one-timers who have no chance of ever becoming many-times humans began aggressively exterminating all the Artist’s assets, including the biggest one: the first TV CGI studio in Russia opened by the Artist with his hard-earned bucks back in 1991. The funny thing is, he spent all his life savings and a substantial payment for a recently finished feature film on buying a single XT286 IBM machine (the first one on Russian television) and a professional PAL video output card (VISTA), which allowed him to be the first one in the country (in 1991–1992) to render one television frame in 24 hours and broadcast it live or record it on videotape from a regular computer rather than, say, from specialized devices costing $3 million each. By the time it was looted, TELEVITA Studio had over $3 million worth of equipment and software, employed 42 people, providing 24 round-the-clock live broadcasts for three TV channels across the country, and had its unique databases and programs. Drum roll… Here comes the reward, Russian style: all the studio’s unique employees nurtured and educated for years are handed to the country’s biggest channel without further comments; the studio is looted by a specially appointed “ninja” backed by the intelligence services; while the Artist himself faces a 66%+ chance of being stabbed outside his house, shot in the hallway or knocked dead by a sniper bullet! Having lost two close friends in the last couple of years, two Director Generals of the country’s number-one TV channel shot by criminals hired by power-hungry mediocre scoundrels (who never had anything to do with any work they maniacally proclaimed as their own and never came up with a single original idea in their entire lives, but stole them by the hundreds, desperately cutting off credits from misappropriated works—see the Humanity Book for more details); having spent three months sitting by the tightly shut window with a newborn in his arms and day after day saying farewell to his son and life itself, our Artist invented a project which marked a sea change in his and all one-time Humanity’s life. He called it LIFEERUPTION…
    The underlying idea was, “All the baddies will die and all the good people will stay to live forever. There is no equality—there is only space and faith!” Also, unless a person deals with problems accumulated throughout their lifetime, they are most likely to be forever banned by Humanity from ever reappearing again.

  • 02/2/2000 – 17/12/2012 2000 – 2012
    The GENERAL DNA, Inc., NV – 75,000,000 Shares {All the baddies will die and all the good people will stay to live forever!}

    If you have a particularly deep understanding of something, you can try to control it or even steer it… And this is exactly what happened. When studying direction at the Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music, and Cinema (which he entered with the highest number of points in his year and, aged 22, studied next to 28- to 36-year-olds), the Artist invented an invisible tool: interpolated audiographic alliteration. So in 1996–2001, happy, content, and fattened up Russian oligarchs decided it should be their privilege to appoint presidents and thought the Artist and his inventions may still come useful. Not only did they keep him alive (having made sure he behaves himself by, among other things, not allowing the presidential campaign videos to compete at Russia’s leading TV award, TEFI, where they could have won in a number of major nominations and uncovered manipulation technologies used against hundreds of millions of television viewers), but, having eventually found him in his big city hideout, they ended up drawing him so close to themselves that the old scoundrels were no longer an issue. And so the oligarchs started showering him with real-life millions of US dollars… But… The Artist put all this money into research and development for LIFEERUPTION rather than the “money-fuelled propaganda chocolate factories” he promised to his oligarch clientele. Not only did he lose any interest in propaganda products, being the first ideologist of many-times life, he also saw them as contradicting the Many-Timer’s Oath which he was busy writing for himself and all future Humanity. Hundreds of scientists, particularly those with space and biotechnology backgrounds, spent many years secretly working in a wide range of areas, looking for a mysterious “something” to piece together the LIFEERUPTION project. Dozens of directors of various research institutes. Heads of departments and laboratories, including those actively working with radioactivity. Heads of the biggest museums, including one who made possible a 2008 meeting which resulted in our COSMOCODE NKF stabilizer. Scientists from around the globe and little-known but incredibly experienced lab assistants, plus regular engineers, company managers, turners, chemists, small workshop owners, and many, many other amazing and experienced people, some of whom are now dead forever (after all, the true agenda of all the research and experiments was coordinated by a single person and known to just a few people). LIFEERUPTION (the text) was written in winter 2000 and put into special storage, having acquired all the right registration numbers and certificates. For a long time, the text was referenced in lists as there were several patent applications in progress. It caught the eye of many experts. It was first openly published in 2008, following four years of abortive research with cryogenics: not a single combination would guarantee successfully mass-storing the human genome for 50,000 years. The best achievable results (and not necessarily scam-free) were 25 years of storage for $1,000 and 125 years for $40,000. The quotes applied to the most developed countries and couldn’t be changed any further. This would be catastrophic for third-world countries… Being a founder of NEW PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL FASCISM FOR A SELECT FEW wasn’t the Artist’s plan.

  • 13/01/2013 – ––/––/–– 2013 – 2015
    The REPLONE, Inc., CA – 1,000,000,000 Shares { The Minimum target of each - the possession of the universe! }

    By 2008 things started to work out and the long-awaited Replone technologies for mass-collecting and preserving full human Master Codes in stabilized natural keratin fibers began to look like a possibility affordable to anyone irrespective of their wallet size, place of residence, and first-life achievements. Those technologies were sufficient for a new rebirth and for still-fantasy-world-but-highly-promising self-sapienization of newly reborn many-times humans. It was time to think about manufacturing and international standardization. For these purposes, GENERAL DNA, Inc., was registered in 2010. To meet its growth potential, in 2012 the corporation issued 75 million shares and offered 6 million of them to Eugene McCarthy, author of the hybrid stabilization theory and head of General DNA, Inc., is a private company for all time and owner of most trademarks and patents within the Many-Times Humanity Project. The biggest shareholder is the Barbé family. While discussing and realizing that people really are coming to grips with new ideas, it became necessary to give all those things dedicated names, new names previously unheard of by Humanity. In some of the biggest countries, this meant a whole race for trademarks. Meanwhile, international standardization was in full swing. Finalized product samples were also manufactured. Researchers managed to arrive at a large number of final conclusions. It was time to establish a trade and industrial corporation: in 2015 this corporation was founded in California and named REPLONE, Inc. The company’s plan is to hold an IPO at the initial stage of development and become a public corporation with millions of individual shareholders. Following this plan, REPLONE, Inc., registers 1 billion private shares. IN 2015 THE CORPORATION STARTS ITS TRIUMPHANT CONQUEST OF THE ONE-TIME WORLD! It is prepared for both a swift victory and a lengthy saga, but there is no doubt that the ideas of a MANY-TIMES HUMANITY will captivate people’s minds and one day will manage to win! 14 NEW TRADEMARKS are being launched in the United States, Russia, and other countries. These trademarks are there to give any person—from their first birth up until their last death—a well-deserved and guaranteed ticket to participate in all Many-Times Humanity’s projects: GENERAL DNA® – MASTER-CODE® – WE REMAIN® – DEEP SLEEP® – COSMOCODE® – AQVITONIC® – NAILSCOLLECTOR® – HAIRCOLLECTOR® – HUMANITYBOOK.COM® – ONEMANSHOP.ORG® – BE BLESSED LIFE!® – HUMANITYOLYMPUS.COM® – RECIPROCATINGLIFE.COM® – GENERALSHRINE.COM® - ready to provide preservation of the person from the birth to death in reciprocatinglife mode.
    Replone , Inc .

  Replone, Inc., is ready to implement 26% 260,000,000 of our private shares in the 10 packages in 26,000,000 shares each at a price of  $ 4.99 US per share.

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